AEC-EPAP (English Proficiency for Aviation Personnel) exam by the AEC (Aviation English Center) can be described as follows;
  1. An examination approved by DGCA.
  2. AEC Examination Center complies with the requirements specified in the SHT-1DY Instruction.
  3. Examination System has been designed according to ICAO Circular 318 and Doc 9835.
  4. Questions are related to aviation situations.
  5. Examination system; will be able to evaluate the language proficiency topics specified in Article 7 of the SHT-1DY Instruction in accordance with the language proficiency levels specified in Article 8.
  6. Includes listening and speaking questions.
  7. The exams are chosen randomly from the Question Bank.
  8. The examination is done as a face to face interview.
  9. The evaluation process of exams is done by at least 2 different Raters.


  • AEC - EPAP was prepared by Aviation English academics and experienced Pilots certified Level-6.
  • AEC - EPAP is conducted at the examination center approved by the DGCA.
  • AEC – EPAP is structured in order to determine the language proficiency level of the candidates taking the exam according to SHT-1DY Instruction and Handbook, regardless of any kind of human disability, physical conditions or position.
  • At the beginning of the examination, the examiner opens the exam group randomly determined by the exam system.
  • AEC - EPAP consists of three parts: PART A PART B and PART C.


In this part of the exam, general questions related to aviation background, personal experience and training of the candidate are asked by the Examiner. The candidate is expected to provide information and quick answers to these questions.


In this section the candidate must listen to the audio recordings related to routine or non-routine operational aviation issues that they may hear during the operation, such as ATC communications which are played twice, and after questions are asked about the audios they have heard in the given time.


In this section, candidates are shown aviation themed photographs which are prepared in accordance with their sector. Firstly, the candidate describes the photograph which the examiner showed. Subsequently, the candidate answers the questions asked by the examiner about the photograph. The Examiner asks the candidate at least two questions related to the photograph, which will enable the candidate to give a longer explanation.


  1. Each Candidate's exam is assessed by two Raters, either an English Language Specialist, a certified Level 6 pilot or an air traffic controller with operational experience.
  2. The candidate's final score is determined by the lowest of the scores on the ICAO Language Competency Assessment Scope.
  3. Each Candidate's exam is evaluated individually by the Raters. Raters cannot obtain information about the identity of the candidate.
  4. Raters evaluate the exams in accordance with the exam date.
  5. Candidates who took the Language Proficiency Exam in accordance with SHT-1DY Instructions and failed with a grade below 4 will not be able to retake the test as follows:
  • Level 1, within 45 days from the date of the exam;
  • Level 2, within 30 days from the date of the exam;
  • Level 3, within 15 days from the date of the exam.


  • Candidates are informed by e-mail within 15 (fifteen) days after the exam.
  • The result of the examination is also filed by AEC in writing “Certificate” which the date of the examination is stated. And then after delivered to the candidates by post within 15 (fifteen) days.
  • The exam result; unless there is a legal obligation, cannot be shared with anyone other than the candidate, DGCA, Aviation Institutions and Organizations.


  1. Candidates whose level of English proficiency is reported may object to the exam result within 15 (fifteen) days from the date when the exam result was notified by e-mail..
  2. Appeals shall be made in writing directly to AEC.
  3. Objections to the examinations shall be made by filling in the “Appeal Form for the English Language Proficiency Exam”. Click here for Exam Appeal Form.
  4. The service fee for exam objection is 300 TL.
  5. The service fee of the exam objection should be deposited to the bank account specified on the Exam Objection Form.
  6. If the applicant completes the bank receipt indicating that he has deposited the objection evaluation fee and sends the AEC's English Language Proficiency Exam Appeal Form to the AEC by e-mail or fax, the applicant is deemed to have completed the appeal application and will be registered.
  7. The appeal will be evaluated by a different Rater than the first two Raters.
  8. Written exam result is sent to the DGCA and to the candidate by e-mail.
  9. If the result of the examination changes, the objection fee is refunded to the candidate and a new certificate will be issued and sent to the candidate.
  10. The outcome of the objection is final and the candidate cannot reappeal.


  1. Candidates take the exam at the place assigned to them.
  2. The exam starts at the appointment time. After starting, the exam cannot be stopped, paused or withdrawn except for any technical failures related to the system.
  3. Candidates must be present at the address notified by the test center at least 30 minutes before the appointment and must complete the required registration before the exam. Otherwise, they lose their appointment and examination rights.
  4. During the examination, candidates use the computer, sound and voice recording system, pen and paper is provided by AEC and returned them completely at the end of the examination.
  5. Except for the ones allowed in the article 4, candidates having electronic or printed documents, (notebooks, books, dictionaries, notes, blank paper, cell phones, any kind of recording and communication devices, etc.) with them during the exam, any type of fraudulent or unethical behaviors, such as taking out notes or attempting to do so or intentionally damaging any material used for the exam are all considered as cheating.
  6. When the identity of the candidate is suspicious, at the end of the exam, a few sentences explaining the intentions of the candidate are written and signed by the candidate. Camera recordings and other documents related to the exam are added to the “Cheating Report” and sent to the DGCA.
  7. The candidate is warned before starting the exam and asked to step outside when it is understood that the candidate has taken the examination in one’s stead, he / she will be warned before the exam. This situation is notified to the DGCA immediately.


The penalty proceedings according to SHT-1DY instructions issued by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation are as follows;
  1. The “Cheating Report” is kept by the Service Provider and the DGCA officers with information about the candidate who has attempted to cheat or caught during the action. The candidate will be asked to leave from the examination room and the exam will be considered invalid. Candidates in this situation cannot re-take the exam within 12 months after the incident.
  2. The “Cheating Report” issued by the AEC is sent to the DGCA within 5 (five) business days.
  3. If a license holder has a “Cheating Report”, their license shall be suspended by the DGCA for a period of 12 (twelve) months.
  4. Legal actions shall be taken against those who act to disrupt the order and functioning of the examinations.
Applicants who wish to apply for the language proficiency exam, should provide the following requirements below;  
  • 1. Exam applications must be sent by post, e-mail, fax or personally with application form and bank payment receipt.

  • 2. The service fee for the language proficiency exam is 950 TL.

  • 3. The service fee must be paid to the bank account specified on the Exam Application Form before the exam.
  • 5. Exam Application Form must be filled in completely.
  • * AEC assigns the date and time for the candidate who applied appropriately.

  • * Appointments are given by AEC according to the order of the application. No candidate can be given priority, no more than the previously announced number.

  • * AEC notifies candidates of their appointment by e-mail before the exam.

  • 6. The exams are held at AEC.
1 09.02.2023  08.02.2023  AVAILABLE 
2 10.02.2023  09.02.2023  AVAILABLE 
3 13.02.2023  12.02.2023 AVAILABLE 
4 14.02.2023  12.02.2023  AVAILABLE 
5 15.02.2023  14.02.2023  AVAILABLE 

** Exams are held between 13: 00-18: 00. Candidates whose application is approved are notified via e-mail. In the case, a confirmation e-mail has not been received within 1 (one) business day prior your application, please contact our institution.



İstanbul Outlet Park Avm - Cumhuriyet Mah. E-5 Yanyolu Kat:1 No: 34-35-36 34522 Büyükçekmece/İstanbul

Tel :      0 212 663 66 67

E-mail: info@aviationenglishcenter.com

    • Orientation Trainings are held between 10.00-14.00 on the following dates below.
    • The main purpose of the Orientation Trainings is to ensure that the candidates have knowledge of the structure of the AEC-EPAP exam before taking the exam.
    • Due to Covid 19 precautions,Orientation Trainings will be held ONLINE.
    • Candidates who wish to participate the training, are required to make a reservation via e-mail by sending the training fee receipt to info@aviationenglishcenter.com
    • The training fee should be deposited to AEC ÖZEL EĞİTİM HİZMETLERİ TİCARET LTD.ŞTİ.account TR97 0013 4000 0076 5711 0000 17 IBAN NUMBER.
    • Orientation Training fee (for 4 lessons) is 250 TL . Orientation Training fee will be applied as 200 TL for the candidates who want to attend the training for the second time.
    • Orientation Training is not compulsory on the exam day. Candidates can make a reservation by phone or e-mail for any of the following training dates:


    1  30.01.2023   4 LESSON (ONLINE)   10.00-14.00   250 TL
    2 06.02.2023   4 LESSON (ONLINE)   10.00-14.00   250 TL
    3 13.02.2023   4 LESSON (ONLINE)   10.00-14.00   250 TL
    4 20.02.2023   4 LESSON (ONLINE)   10.00-14.00   250 TL
    5  27.02.2023   4 LESSON (ONLINE)   10.00-14.00   250 TL



    İstanbul Outlet Park Avm - Cumhuriyet Mah. E-5 Yanyolu Kat:1 No: 34-35-36 34522 Büyükçekmece/İstanbul

    Tel :      0 212 663 66 67

    E-mail: info@aviationenglishcenter.com