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English Education With One-One Course

As Aviation English Center, we offer tailor-made solutions to improve our students' English speaking skills with our expert staff.
In accordance with the flexible training program that you have selected in our institution, you can receive training, any day and in any hours period.
Customized programs with the aim of faster and more effective learning are based on the student's ability to concentrate only on the area they need.


• Missing a lesson is not a problem.
• Training starts immediately without waiting for a class opening.
• Student satisfaction during the education process is monitored by the institution administration through surveys and one-on-one (direct) interviews.
• The books and other materials used in your education are selected individually.
• Refund guarantee.

The target of the program is that you'll be able to;

• Deal with many situations that may arise while traveling
• Provide more verbal fluency in face-to-face (direct) meetings
• Communicate easily in daily life
• Improve your understanding and make your pronunciation more comprehensible.
• Connect various patterns in a simple way to strengthen your narratives.
• Increase your ability to express yourself in professional and social life.
• Briefly list the explanations and reasons for thoughts.
• Make yourself more comfortable in social settings.
• Communicate with greater confidence.

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