Teknisyen için İngilizce


According to the SHT-66L-HS Instruction issued by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on 28.04.2014, it is mandatory that aircraft maintenance personnel working in approved maintenance organizations must be able to read, understand, write and speak English.

Aviation English Center is the first and only institution authorized by the DGCA as a language proficiency exam center to conduct the professional English exams of aircraft maintenance personnel. Detailed information about the exam system can be found on our website or by contacting our institution.

Aviation English Center aims to give you the best performance you need in order to reach the standards specified by DGCA. AEC has developed "English Program for Aircraft Maintenance Personnel" with its expert staff.

We share all our knowledge and experience with our expert training staff in order to ensure success by following your English development continuously.

Our Technician English trainings are given only within the scope of Corporate Training. There is no one-to-one tutor in English for Technician.

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