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English Language Course For Ground Services Personnel

Just like all personnel working in the aviation sector; as a representative of the corporation, which constantly communicates with people from different cultures and operates in the sector, ground services personnel must have a good level of English.

In order to reach international standards, airline companies put emphasis on good English during employee selection.

Aviation English Center offers English courses for candidates working in ground services.

More opportunities to communicate with confidence ...

The skills you gain in our Aviation English program will enable you to interact more fluently and comprehensively with English-speaking people around the world, increase your self-confidence and thus make your daily life easier.

Through this program you will be able to;

  • • Strengthen your communication skills in English,
  • • Improve your listening and speaking practice,
  • • Be more confident at the time of speaking,
  • • Gain cultural awareness and sensitivity,
  • • Speak English fluently and accurately.

We bet! When your training is completed, you will tell your friends and colleagues how effective our training in this very special field is.

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