Pilot İngilizcesi

Pilot English Language Training

Recent researches has shown that accidents caused by lack of communication in the aviation sector have increased significantly. In order to eliminate this threat, ICAO requires all pilots and air traffic controllers to speak at least ICAO Level 4 English.

If you are a commercial pilot or candidate, Aviation English Center aims to provide you with the best performance you need in the ICAO English exam to achieve an ICAO Level 4 score or above, by designing a special program covering the following topics;

  • • Pronunciation
  • • Structure
  • • Vocabulary
  • • Fluency
  • • Listening and Comprehension
  • • Interaction

In addition to the grammatical structures and vocabulary necessary for Aviation English, instructors reinforce students' listening and speaking skills through various case studies, radio telephone (radio) conversations, and many written / visual materials they have developed from the ICAO exams.

Our pilot English trainings are given only within the scope of corporate training and as a lecture. We do not have one-to-one tutoring in Aviation English.

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