İş İngilizcesi ve Mesleki İngilizce

Business English and Professional English

In today's growing and globalizing international business world, your English should be at the top level.

Aviation English Center offers you the English education that will enable you to enter into the Business life and achieve your goals in your career.

This program aims to improve your understanding of the dialogues you encounter in your business life, to increase your general and technical business English vocabulary. It focuses on different skills needed in the business environment such as telephone calls, writing CVs, job interviews, report preparation, hosting guests and VIPs, profession-specific studies and effective communication.

We prepare the content of the programs specifically for the institution and/or the organization. We set our programs in flexible time periods which best suits for you.


Benefits of Business English are:

  • Getting a job in Multinational companies easily,
  • Being more fluent in face-to-face meetings,
  • Providing more professional service to your customers,
  • Expressing yourself more easily in teleconferences,
  • Improving your conversations with your colleagues and customers at the highest level
  • Making presentations easily in international organizations
  • Increasing your understanding and making your pronunciation more understandable,
  • Making yourself more comfortable in social settings,
  • Managing your meetings with managers or representatives of foreign companies and Communicating easily when traveling abroad.

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