The demand for education abroad is increasing day by day according to the continuous changes in the education and examination systems in our country, increasing need of being able to speak at least one foreign language fluently and increasing number of unemployment.

As Aviation English Center, we bring in through our experience in the education sector to the global platform and offer you the best quality, best price guarantee in studying abroad. We provide consultancy services to people who want to study abroad in order to make the right choices in this important step that will directly affect their future by providing a professional service appropriate to their educational and career goals.

Our Services as Abroad Education Consultancy;

  • • Counseling: Organizing the most appropriate country, duration and program according to the needs of our students.

  • • Enrollment and Application: To be your consultant in all your registration and application procedures with our expert training consulting staff.

  • • Accommodation: To provide the most suitable accommodation alternatives for the demands and needs of our students.

  • • Transportation: To help our students go through a smooth process by arranging flights and airport transfers according to their needs.

  • • Visa: To minimize the risk of visa rejection by providing professional consultancy services with our expert visa department staff.

  • • Support Line: To provide support to our students through our 24/7 telephone line in case of an emergency

  • • School Campaigns: To inform our students about the special campaigns that the schools offer.


  • Foreign Language Schools

  • Summer Camps Abroad

  • Abroad Academic Programs (High School, Undergraduate, Post Graduate, PhD)

  • Certificate and Diploma Programs Abroad

  • Work and Study Programs

  • Erasmus Internship Consultancy

  • Overseas Internship Programs

Foreign Language Education

These are educational programs for individuals who are 16 years of age or older to learn and develop a foreign language. Programs are offered in countries where English is the official language, such as the UK, America, Canada, Ireland, Malta, Australia, and also offered in countries like Spain, Italy and Germany. The duration of the program, country and school selection are fully organized according to the individual's expectations, needs and budget.

Summer Camps Abroad

We offer our students a wide range of products with International events organized in the concepts of Summer Camps, Culture Tours and Language Camps for students between the ages of 7 and 21.These organizations which are based in England, USA, Malta, Germany, Switzerland, France, Japan, Italy, Spain and Turkey are providing an alternative education platform for our students.

"Undergraduate - Post Graduate - Doctorate" Trainings Abroad

It is very important to have the necessary information to ensure that everything proceeds in a planned manner in your academic education abroad. At this stage, it is very important to get a professional consultancy service. All the universities where we place students abroad are recognized by CoHE (Council of Higher Education). Only Medicine, Dentistry, Law and Pharmacy graduates are required to take the equivalence exam when they return to Turkey.

Certificate and Diploma Programs Abroad

Certificate programs are offered within 2 to 24 weeks at universities, colleges or language schools abroad. In order to enroll in certificate programs, the student must have at least Upper Intermediate level in English.

Work & Study

The Work & Study program allows participants to earn money by working while studying English. The program aims at minimizing the costs of training for participants in a different country as well as working in a job of their own choice. Applications can be made through Australia, Malta, Dubai and Ireland.

Erasmus Internship Program

The Erasmus internship program is an exchange mobility within the European Union. In Turkey, Erasmus is generally called as "Erasmus Student Exchange Mobility". However, there is also “Erasmus Internship Mobility" within the scope of Erasmus.

"Erasmus Internship" offers students the opportunity to do internships abroad and receive grants during their internships. This program is a training program based on the internship abroad with the support of grants related to the departments of university students between 2 and 12 months. The amount of the grant varies according to the country of internship.

All Included Program

A program that enables students to use their foreign language skills, applying them to different cultures by participating and reinforcing their skills with tours, entertainment activities, social activities, simultaneously with the educational process. There is no requirement to attend this program which is an important alternative for our students who want to go to language school.

The participants can enroll in the program individually or as a group. The program is offered in London, Dubai, Dublin and Malta.



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