kabin amiri adaylarına ingilizce, TOEIC ve TOEFL hazırlık, AEC Dil okulu yorumları,


Airline companies determine Cabin Chief candidates according to their English level and professional competence. The cabin chief candidates with correct and effective use of English will eliminate the problems that may arise in communication.

Aviation English Center prepares you for the exams with the "Exam Preparation" training program prepared by our expert, native and foreign teachers.

In accordance with the flexible training program we have established in our institution; Depending on your flight schedule, we provide English education in the requested days and times, with methods that will enable faster and more effective learning.

Our teachers monitors the student one-to-one and identify their weaknesses and accelerate the foreign language development of the student by preparing a special program. Then, the interaction between students and teachers is increased with practical, repetitive and effective training and the active role of the student in the course is strengthened and success becomes inevitable.

Let us prepare you for the English exam with an intensive training program. Don't lose your chance to become a Cabin Chief.

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